Meet the Bens

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This is a story of two Bens.

One Ben is financially responsible. At 27, he’s well on his way to a six-figure salary. He’s frugal, works hard, and saves 55% of his income. He’s on track to retiring at 38. His money will be invested in index funds and is expected to return 7% each year on average. Ben will live off only withdrawing 4% each year, which is more than enough to cover his thrifty living. He has no car, and rents. In just over 10 years, he’ll never need to work a day in his life again.

Other Ben is a financial idiot and comes from a life of privilege. At 27 also, he’s financially lucky, but if he doesn’t smarten up, he’ll run into financial difficulties down the road. His main asset is a 99-year leasehold on a 1,000-square-foot property outside Vancouver, BC. At the moment, he does not intend to leave. He has debt. Though he has financial assets, his net worth not including the leasehold is negative $5,000. He’s primarily self-employed, but also has a second job. Retirement at any age is not likely.

This is a story of two Bens. I am one of those Bens. We’re avid readers of Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, Mr. Money Mustache and many more. This is a blog about earning financial stability. This is a blog about building a lifestyle you can be proud of. This is a blog about happiness.

Welcome to Unconbentional.