Optimizing Your Lifestyle for Maximum Cash Flow


You can ALWAYS make an extra buck. Craigslist has no shortage of odd jobs, and I’ve already talked about having a 10-to-2. However, what most people don’t realize is we’re living in a massive pool of abundance and there are more ways to make money than you think. Even now, after weeks of relentless optimizing, I’m still finding ways to cash in.

I make cash on trash all the time. Old iPhones can trade in for $400+ in some stores, and there are always Craigslist postings. I have tons of junk lying around too, and I’m always selling stuff off. For instance, who wants my Rock Band 1, 2 and 3 (PS3), Rock Band 4 (PS4), and all my attachments including guitars, drums and mic? Make me an offer. I want that stuff gone now, and that cash would look damn fine in my mutual funds. This isn’t limited to your obvious stuff either. Are your folks getting rid of unused furniture? Do you have collections of comic books or Magic cards from your childhood? With some light digging, I unearthed my entire “Y: The Last Man” collection signed by Pia Guerra. I wonder how much that’s worth. What used to be important to you probably isn’t that vital now. Get rid of your shit.

My girlfriend and I are also exploring Airbnb. We discovered I have an aunt who’s an absentee homeowner in Surrey. It’s a one-bedroom in a nice neighbourhood. Close to a mall, restaurants nearby, a block from transit. We’re thinking about taking in guests for $60/night. We’ll also have a listing for our place in Richmond. If we get a booking for Richmond, we’ll stay in Surrey. If we get bookings in Surrey AND Richmond, we’ll crash at my mother’s place in New Westminster. Instant hundreds per month. If you can handle living with an extra person as a roommate, it’s even steadier. I live with my girlfriend and a roommate, and they pay rent to me. I literally make money living at home. I have negative rent.

I also hire housecleaners. I know I should just man up and do it myself but every three months, I shell out $120 to get my place hotel-clean. This isn’t a company, but friends of mine who happen to need an extra buck. In a brilliant twist, giving people work means they’re more willing to help you out too! People I’ve hired have given me photography work on multiple occasions. Obviously, you can be the housecleaner too. My friends clean the whole place in three hours. That’s $40/hour. Offer to clean at your friends’ places. Trust me, they’ll always appreciate the help.

Finally, do you have anything you can rent out? I do. I have a strong network of professional photographers who rent equipment from me. Cameras, lights, backdrops, etc. I rent my gear out for less than rental houses do, but still make $100+ for each camera rental. The Canon 1D X I own can go for $275/day at a rental house! I charge $150. It’s a win for everyone.

If I went bonkers and utilized ALL these sources of income, I’d be up $1,000+ every month! Do you have trash you can turn into cash? Do you have an extra room you can turn into a cash cow? Do you like the idea of making $40/hour for something ANYBODY can do? If you’re motivated to make money, you can ALWAYS do it. Stop marathoning “Breaking Bad” for the sixth time, get off your ass, and turn Making Money into a game.

What are YOU missing? Tell us in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Optimizing Your Lifestyle for Maximum Cash Flow

  1. Oh SOOPER if you optimize the Air BnB thing, I might actually have to get this goddam bus thing off the ground. Oh wait…I was supposed to do that anyway…


  2. OK, what if you’re OFF your ass, you’re hustling to get freelance writing clients, you’re pitching freelance articles and applying for everything under the sun you can do, have very little “trash” to sell and YET, you’re still NOT finding an extra grand a month?? Seriously Ben, you’re exceptionally lucky and dare I say it, privileged. I adore you, so I hope you know this is not coming from a position of malice, but man oh man, I simply don’t have the extras, resources, aunts etc you’ve got. I have nothing to rent, I’ve sent out 75 resumes in 3 months and FINALLY got a bar job (there are so few medic jobs right now, it’s painful and yet I’ve had several amazing interviews without a call back, including one for a 60k a year event management gig that went from YES second interview for SURE, to oh thanks, we hired in practically the same day [Someone kicked serious ass on that one, because *I* kicked ass and it wasn’t enough]) and I’m currently working hard to get a second job to fill in the holes the current job doesn’t offer. All while trying to pay my regular bills which are minimal (I don’t pay utilities or tv/internet) and attempting to pay off student loans. You make it look so damn easy, and instead, I’m almost twice your age and struggling. So frustrating, seriously. Add to that frustration the creation of a start up which needs early round seed funding to go. So yeah. Now what??


    1. Sorry to add to your frustration. I’m obviously not trying to disregard people who struggle, despite doing everything right. I hustle too, but know that $60K/year is never gonna be in the cards, mostly because I don’t need that much money. I’ve gotten by on $20K/year before. If you land a similar gig as the one you described, you should be fine, I hope?

      I make do mostly on affordable housing, and then having two roommates who make up the monthly payments. It may be time to reexamine your housing situation? I don’t know what you have, but that’s where I’d start asking questions. I also think you have far more experience than me, and can land a $60K job easier than I can.

      I’m really just hoping to help people with the blog by providing angles people may not have thought of. For those who have, I realize I really am a privileged asshole telling people what to do without understanding their circumstances. I can’t write to everyone, and I’m aware I sounded particularly condescending with this last post.

      Hopefully, something in this blog has value to you. If not, I apologize for offending you.

      Let me know if I can help.


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